And This is Why I Don’t Ride Bulls

I heard about a local outfit that was hosting this bull riding event on Tuesday evenings. And while I don’t have a lick of ‘Rodeo DNA’ in me, I know a good photo taking opportunity when I see it. πŸ™‚ I drove out there the other night to see what was going on and got some pretty cool shots. This kid here let out quite a holler at this moment in time, but amazingly was able to get up and exit the arena on his own. I asked about him before I left out and was told that it looked worse than it was, as the bull’s hoofs just missed his ‘vitals’. Still…. :-/

I’m posting a few more shots hereΒ  I did get a kick out of this one kid’s vest – checkout the print professing who his faith is in, but who he probably consults more – his chiropractor. πŸ™‚










Oh, and in case you were wondering, I left my ‘perch’ right after taking this one shot of the approaching bull. πŸ™‚