Father’s Day

So I spent Father’s day doing the ‘man thing’. Heavy machinery…cutting wood/trees in 100 degree heat.

We had trees in need of trimming as they were blocking our TV satellite signal. I didn’t want to pay someone to do what I figured I could possibly enjoy? I forgot how I am not overly fond of heights, but I got the job done. I rented the lift, hauled it home with my truck and then soared up 40 feet in the air with pole saw and chain saw to cut some wood.

I sweated a lot and ate some saw dust, but thankfully avoided breaking any limbs or losing my life. I sure wouldn’t want to do that for a living.

I cut limbs Friday evening, most of Saturday and finished up Sunday a little after noon. Caralyn made it up for dinner and we had a relaxing afternoon.

Funny…over the years, how people have asked me if I ever regretted not having boys. Seems crazy to me. And today I was reminded how blessed I am to have the three most precious daughters any man could ever hope to ask for.


This is what I saw posted on Facebook today from my three gifts from God:

LisaI heart Sundays. And Dads. My dad in particular. The dad that brought me roses, in a suit, every Valentine’s Day since I was in third grade and in doing that, taught me how a girl should be treasured. And now I’m marrying someone who treasures me as much as he does. Thanks Dad. On Tuesdays. 🙂

MindaHappy day to my dad…he wins the award…by FAR…for being the best dad ever. Who can raise three stellar (in my own opinion;)) daughters, be a pastor for 17 years, teach jr.high kids, & help THIS daughter move 11 times in 8 years and still come out strong? My dad, that’s who. Grateful, dad, for your example and your… presence in my life. You’re still my #1 guy:):)

Caralyn Financial peace university, church, then driving home to spend the afternoon with my parents. Happy fathers day, Dad. I am immeasurably blessed to be your daughter, and so proud to call you my dad.