Golf Anyone?

I see it has been awhile since I have added anything to this page. Guess I’ve been pretty busy with little to write about? But I did have a great day yesterday I can post about now. 🙂 Last week, on a whim, I applied for press credentials to cover the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial in Ft. Worth. I had checked with Mary Madewell, the managing editor of the Paris News who I free lance for regularly, to see if I could go for them. Long story short, she was all for it and I received word on Friday that I was approved and would just have to pick them (my credentials from the tournament) up the following week.

Wednesday was the Pro-Am which is a practice round for the players who team up with locals for an outing on the links. Having never shot a professional event like this before, I had no idea what to expect and the day started out rather delightful. After picking up my badge and parking decal, I was told I had VIP parking. As soon as I parked my truck, a 2010 Cadillac Escalade pulls up to take me directly to the country club.

Having pretty free access all over the place, I roamed around getting acquainted with the layout of the grounds. The media center was nice…fed me well there. 🙂 And with it just being a practice round (tournament starts today-Thursday) the crowds were not bad so I was able to get up close to the action.

Honestly, I walked around all day with a grin on my face…felt like a kid in a toy store. I was able to get shots of all kinds of notable PGA players…pretty shots of the course at sunrise, and even got to sit in on the press conference with Phil Mickelson. I got so tickled late last night as I was working on my pictures from the day on the computer. I had the Channel 8 news on TV and when sports came up, when they played a clip from that very interview. I had remembered standing next to the Chanel 8 camera guy while I took pictures. So on the TV clip last night, you could hear this camera firing off shots, which is pretty much a routine sound when you watch stuff like that on TV. But this time, that ‘click-click-click’ sound was me! I couldn’t help but just sit there and giggle with a stupid grin on my face. 🙂 It was a great day and I’m going back to shoot the third round on Saturday. I am posting a variety of the shots from the day here if anyone likes golf and wants to check them out.  GOLF GALLERY