Goodbye Camry…Lots of Miles and Lots of Memories – You served us well

So today I had the privilege to walk my second daughter through her first car purchase. Our sweet baby bought her first car this afternoon. I did this with Minda last year when she purchased her first car. She and I were back up at the Toyota Dealership where she bought a 2006 Scion just a little while ago.

It was time. So way past time to retire the ’96 Camry we’ve had forever. I was just glad they didn’t make us pay them to take it off our hands during the trade-in! 🙂

It really was a positive experience, although she is so exhausted. She worked last night, got off and went home to shower, then finally made it here for the Easter Weekend and then off to town we went to see if this would all work out today. It did and we are all relieved. It is now Saturday afternoon and she is fast asleep. Nice to have both her and Minda in for the Easter weekend.

One side note….Kathy had seen this commercial on TV and we both thought they looked tasty; so her and Minda whipped up a batch of these Rice Krispie Easter Egg treats this morning.  for some odd reason, I got in to taking pictures of the process.  They actually made for some interesting pictures. 🙂  Enjoy