It’s Only Wednesday?

I’m feeling my age…I hate to admit. I’ve been busy the last 6 days or so taking a mess of pictures.

Last Thursday evening, it was a Jr. High track meet. Friday, I did it all over again for the high school track meet.

Saturday, I was asked to shoot a barrel racing event at the Paris rodeo arena and later that night, I shot a ‘Cotillion’ ceremony at the PJC Ballroom. The next two days was spent trying to get all the photos processed and uploaded before I changed gears to get ready for our field trip to the Dallas Holocaust Museum on Tuesday.

We made this same trip last year and I was determined to take a new group of 7th graders this year after we finished the novel that I read them every year. Due to time constraints, we were not going to be able to stop for lunch on the way home so Kathy stepped up and offered to make lunch for all the kids so we could just eat on the way back. So we were up at 5 AM Tuesday morning and did our best impression of a Subway assembly line. Everything went great and we took two busses of kids two hours away to downtown Dallas Tuesday where we were held captive by the riveting testimony of Jack Repp, a living survivor of the Nazi death camps.

It really is hard to put in to words the feelings and emotions you experience when you hear, face to face, from a living person who survived one the most atroscious crimes during one of the darkest periods in modern history. It’s my hope these kids never forget the trip or the experience.