What a Pretty Surprise !

It snowed, and snowed, and snowed and turned my corner of the world here into a winter wonderland.

We often get ‘teased’ by the Dallas weathermen (which I believe is an industry secret they use to lure more viewers to their station, or so my theory goes) but this time, the conditions lined up and that slow moving front mixed with the colder air provided us a good 6-7 inches of that pretty white stuff that ended up giving us a four day weekend. Sad to say, it cancelled the Jr. High Valentine dance that I was supposed to be at tonight, but I’ll get over the disappointment soon. 🙂

With all the trees and countryside we have around here, it sure provided a picturesque backdrop for some scenic picture taking. And I wasted no time getting out yesterday afternoon when school let out and then was back out this morning trying some other locations. I was hoping the sun my peek out early this morning to light the place up, but it never materialized.

It was pretty funny to how our dog, Mollie took to the white stuff. I was pretty shocked that she remembered where her tennis ball was and ran right out in the six inches of cold fluff, buried her face, and came up with the frozen ball.

It is nearly 4 o’clock Friday afternoon now and the snow is vanishing quickly. One comical incident that I encountered yesterday was when I got in from taking pictures, I turned on the TV to get the latest weather reports. But because our satellite dish was covered up with snow, we were getting no reception. This happened one time before when we first moved in here and a snowfall did the same thing.

The remedy was getting the garden hose out and spraying up to the top of the roof to wash the snow off the dish. So there I was again, on our back deck in a step stool trying my best to encourage the water up to the peak of our roof where the dish was mounted. After about 10 minutes of spraying, the final large chunk of snow/ice broke off, and began a rapid descent down the slope of the roof, right in my direction.

Call it a ‘mini-avalanche’ but I had no place to run. I simply closed my eyes and braced myself for the assault. You couldn’t help but laugh.

And my TV reception was back up and working.

It sure is going to be muddy around here now for some time. But I think I’m ready for spring and some warmer weather. But the winter snow was fun while it lasted. I have two separate viewing galleries from my two days of shooting that you can view