My Very First NFL Game

Well it took nearly 50 years, but I finally made it to my first NFL Football game yesterday. Minda and I attended the inaugural Thanksgiving game in the new stadium in Arlington, TX. All the pictures here were shot with my wide angle lens and are a collection of shots from the day. Without a doubt, the new Cowboy stadium that Jerry Jones built is quite an impressive building. But for the life of me, how can you spend one billion dollars building such a stadium and then not put a scoreboard up in there? (on the screen below, in the lower right hand corner, click on the four arrows for a full screen slide show)

I have always enjoyed watching pro football games on TV and never saw a need to watch one in person. How can you improve on the view and comfort watching from your own home? I guess it’s all in the ‘experience’ that you have to do at least one time and I really enjoyed my one-time experience with Minda. 🙂

Some observations I made about my one and only football game:

– I miss seeing the yellow line on the field

– I actually missed the ongoing commentary you get when watching TV

– Those TV time-outs really do seem to last a long time

– The tail-gate crowds take their tail-gating quite seriously

While that much-talked-about video screen in there is quite a spectacle, I really didn’t watch much of the game on it. I brought binoculars and figured if I was going to a live game, then I wasn’t going to watch it on a TV screen. Another thing that surprised me was I only counted about two dozen ‘professional looking’ photographers on the sidelines. Not sure why, but I thought there would be twice that many. I’d given anything to be one of them, just one time. 🙂

And this was pretty much the same smile Minda had on her face the whole game. 🙂


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