Fun Times When They are Kids and Adults

Your kids grow up, but they will always be your ‘kids’. Such is life I would think. I saw a picture the other day of a dad carving out pumpkins with his boys. It made me think back over how quickly those years with your children pass. People use to tell us that all the time when they were younger, urging us to appreciate them while they were young because before you know it, they would be grown up and gone. How true it is.

But I am so thankful for those years we had, and equally thankful for the relationship that I have with them today as grown up young women.

I wrote a few weeks ago about my Thanksgiving plans this year to attend a Dallas Cowboy game with Minda. That really should be an interesting ‘One Time’ experience that I know we’ll enjoy. She called me the other day to make sure I had a Cowboy jersey to wear to the game. Told me Wal-Mart sells them. Who’d thought it? Now to decide who’s jersey # to get!? Then she calls me Sunday afternoon and has another brainstorm of an idea.

Since I’ll be in Dallas and the next day will be ‘Black Friday’, she wants me to stay the night and go stake out some absurd sale at an electronics store so we can get her a good deal on a new TV. Of course, the only think I can foresee is lining up in some Dallas parking lot at 3 in the morning shivering during a frigid sleet storm.

Ahhh, but isn’t that how memories are made? How fun will this be? 🙂

Meanwhile, down in Tyler, TX, Caralyn has been anxiously awaiting her acceptance letter to the RN/BSN program at UT. She loves her job but is anxious to continue on with her education plan. The letters went out Friday and she thought it would come to her apartment. It didn’t. It came here to the house. I knew how badly she wanted to open it herself before anyone else knew the results. I also knew she was working until 7PM last night so I texted her when I found the letter from UT in our mailbox. She wanted to know if I could scan it and then email it to her without looking, but my scanner is having issues so that was a no-go. Then, she texted me asking me if I could ‘take a picture of it without looking’ and then email that to her.

“Take a picture without looking?”

I actually pulled it off. Opened the letter, taped it on a cabinet door, snapped a photo, downloaded it, did a quick crop/edit and emailed it to her, all without ‘looking’ at it, or reading the content of the letter, to be exact.

Five minutes later, the phone rings. It’s Caralyn, rejoicing as she shares the good news with me that the letter confirmed what she had been praying and hoping for – her acceptance into the program starting in January.

Hurray for her. It was a good day for her. You gotta love modern technology.