I Just Did WHAT ? ! ?

It was Minda’s idea. Seriously…it really was.

Seems that our Thanksgiving this year will be a tad different than our ‘norm’. We now have two nurses in the family. C is working in at East Texas Medical Center in Tyler as an LVN. She’ll start the night shift in a week or so and recently confirmed to us she would be scheduled to work Thanksgiving Day. Not a surprise for rookie nurses around holidays. Kathy also confirmed to me this morning she herself would be working the same day. And Lisa was going to be elsewhere this year.

So Minda, the ONLY female in the family that would call herself a football fan suggested her and I do something different this year together. Like go to the annual Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Game played on that day each year.

It was an interesting and intriguing alternative. Of course, this will be the first year for the game to be played in Jerry Jones’s new little play house in Arlington.

So I bit the bullet and just got the two tickets. Ouch! Quite a playhouse Mr. Jerry Jones has there in Arlington. :-/ We are as high up as you can be. Oxygen cost extra. But there is a nice TV to watch during the game. And I did pay the extra five dollars to be on the Cowboy’s side. Figured I’d take my camera and zoom lens with me as I hear they have some culturally engaging cheerleaders that inspire the fans that don’t mind having snapshots taken. I’ll also take a wide angle lens to see how much of the playground I capture as well. Minda said she could probably get someone to drop us off so we won’t have to pay the parking fee. That’s good. The mortgage company will be glad to know that our house payment for that month will not be used for something else.

I emailed Minda a little while ago letting her know the deed was done, the deal was sealed, and that her and I could both attend our very first NFL football game together. She responded by sending back the picture I just posted below here.

Oh, and where will Lisa be, you ask? Seems she is seeing this nice gentleman she met and he’s asked her to come meet his family in St. Louis, MO.

Yep – this will certainly be a Thanksgiving unlike others we have had in the past.