Soccer Anyone?

I’ve said in times past that I’ll try shooting pictures of just about anything at least once. I like the variety and challenge of trying different subjects. And when it comes to action photography, you really don’t have to ask twice. So when Kathy suggested I go up to the walking track where she walks and shoot some of the men’s soccer games that are played out there all day on Sunday’s, I figured today was as good as any to give it a try. Most of the men who play in this league seem to be of Mexican descent and it is quite the family atmosphere out there on Sundays. Someone even got smart and hauls a portable concession stand out there and serves some very tasty looking tacos and other refreshments.

Kids and wives sit under the shade trees and the men run up and down the playing field like they were competing in the World Cup Finals. You got to admire anyone who plays this sport as it really can be physically demanding. I’m not sure I understand all the rules and penalties, but I do know how to follow the action and snap pictures.

The photo below here was one of my favorites of the day. These guys were lined up to somehow thwart an upcoming penalty kick as they stood between the ball and the goal. It’s obvious they were not thrilled about ‘taking a bullet for the team’. 🙂