Put a Fork in Me – I’m Done !

It’s late Friday night. I have just finished uploading the last of the baseball games that I shot this past week. I don’t know the last time I felt this exhausted. It was quite a week. Starting last Saturday morning and going straight through late, late, late Thursday evening into early Friday morning, I covered a total of 20 complete baseball games. I have not done a final tally, but I easily put in 100 hours working 16+ hours a day for the past six days straight. Some days, the heat index was 110 degrees. I think I got a lot of good pictures. I have not slept much at all. Earlier in the day, I had to pull myself away from the computer to get ready to go help shoot a wedding down in Longview.

I wasn’t even sure I’d know how to act there tonight; thinking I’d be waiting for the groom to come down the aisle and ‘slide into the altar’.

But the week is over and I did my part. Maybe I’ll sell a few pictures from this venture. I really like shooting sports and I certainly got my fill this week. But I am totally wiped out. I am ready for a vacation. I wonder what is going on in the world these days, because I totally was consumed with other things…and not sure how healthy that is.

I did get a few cool shots of a storm that blew in last night before one of the last games was played. Oh, did I mention that because of the rain delay, and field issues, that another championship game was to be played on the field I was at meaning I was able to cover it as well, even though it didn’t start until after midnight? The game ended at 2:15 early this morning. It is now 3:30am and time to go to bed so that is where I am headed. But I did want to post these two shots. ‘Night folks…I’m outta here. zzzzzzzz