A Mid-Summer Update

It seems, according to my count, that I have about 6 weeks left of summer before I and other teachers make their migration back to the  classrooms.  Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE my job?  Seriously, I truly have the best of both worlds in getting the time off that I do, and then truly looking forward to going back and teaching my kiddos.  So I’m not getting rich in this profession, but there is more to life than making lots of money, right?

My summer has been a good one so far.  Made the trip to Washington for a family reunion. And for Father’s Day, the girls got me the DVD set of Season I & II of my favorite show ’24’. I missed those two seasons when it came out and it has been a pure adrenalin rush to fly through  those episodes.  Kathy worries about me watching them alone at the house as I tend to get worked up when I view them.

On the family front, Lisa still resides in Phoenix working for an investment/real-estate firm.She just recently got promoted to Marketing  Manager and seems to be doing well with that.  Minda is also enjoying a little time off, being in the education field herself and recently joined  the worship team at Gateway church in Grapevine.  When she is given the opportunity to sing her heart out, all is well in her world. 🙂

Caralyn continues to plow through nursing school and will finish the first leg of this journey when she gets ‘pinned’ on Aug. 8 as an LVN.  She’ll have boards to take, find a job hopefully in a hospital, and then if all goes according to plan, continue on with the next leg of getting her RN at Tyler.   And it looks like Kathy will get to sleep like a normal person now as she has moved to the day shift. She continues to help bring babies into the world working for Baylor Medical Center in Dallas as an L/D nurse.

And I continue snapping pictures.  I do cut the lawn occasionally around here and am still mulling over how much of the ‘honey-do’ list I want  to work on while I still have time off.  I’m really excited about the upcoming weekend as a good friend of mine, Mike, is flying in from Chicago
to spend the weekend with me.  We go way back and have always shared a common love for photography.  It just turns out that the one  weekend he was able to get out of the big city happens to fall on the weekend of the Dixie Baseball League state playoffs for the majors and pre-major teams being played here in Paris.  So Mike is anxious to join me as I am going to be providing the photo coverage of the event all week, beginning this Saturday.  I think after this tournament is over, I will have had more than my fill of shooting baseball, but I’m hoping that I can promote and sell a good number of prints and posters.  We’ll see.  The rodeo will be here in two weeks which I can’t wait to shoot and then before you know it, it will be time for Friday nights on the local high school football field.

And so life rolls on.  Still hard to believe I’ve lived up here in the Paris area now for 20 years.  Where did all that time go?  Lately, it’s been kind of funny to see so many former classmates of mine reconnecting on Facebook.  Having been raised in the military and graduating from high school over in Germany, it was pretty easy to lose track of people as we all scattered abroad.  But thanks to modern technology, we are meeting up in cyber world via the Facebook network.  I just can’t believe how old everyone has gotten. And the harsh reality of that observation is that I too, have grown older with all of them.  I will be turning 50 in six months and I would imagine that will be a source of a future blog.  Until then, I will continue to enjoy my youth.