Lake Lure Fun – Unforgettable

I think my summer vacations are over for now. Two family reunions in the past two months…on opposite ends of the country…not too bad. We just returned from Lake Lure, NC where we all met up at my brother’s lake home for a week of fun in the sun, on the water, and a round of golf at a very nice course. (I even got to drive my little brother’s new ‘toy’ home after the golf round; and it wasn’t because I had a better score than he did either!)

Kathy and I opted to drive out for this trip, leaving last Monday night after she got off work which translated into a 10PM departure from home. I was up for an ‘all-nighter’ road trip not having done one of those in some time. I figured a thermos full of hot coffee and a bag of sun flower seeds would sustain me for the whole ride. But about an hour east of Memphis and I was getting blurry-eye and ended up in a crowded truck stop snoozing for about an hour. After that it was all ‘up hill’ through the scenic Smoaky Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina.

The biggest shock of the trip was discovering upon arriving at my brother’s place that Lisa had surprised us all and ended up coming after all. She had indicated early on that this trip would not be feasible for her so we were disappointed leading up to our arrival that she would not be there with us; but alas what a thrill to see she fooled us all. 🙂

Steve had arranged a golf outing for us at a really posh mountain course on Thursday morning. I can’t remember the last time I played a course that nice. My final score was incidental…as I had a fun time and even made some good shots.

(That’s my story and I’m sticking to it)

The trip home was more relaxing as we actually stopped over in Jackson, TN to stay the night. It’s amazing how much more rested you feel when sleeping in a real bed as opposed to being hunched up against the door of your pick-up truck.

It really was a relaxing vacation (and much needed after my insane week of shooting a baseball tournament). Steve spoiled us with some great meals he prepared on his smoker; we saw some scenic sunsets, had a blast on the lake pulling the kids around on tubes, napped in hammocks, and just shared some great laughs and made more memories with my family. It was a blessed time indeed and truly and ‘unforgettable’ week. 🙂

But now that I’m back home on this rainy Monday evening, it’s back to a full week with a trip into Dallas to get Caralyn moved, three nights of an upcoming rodeo to shoot, and then a wedding back over in the Dallas area Saturday night to shoot. The summer is flying by quickly. Last time I checked, I report back to school on Aug. 18 which is about three weeks away. My, how the time flies….

Here’s a few shots from the week if you care to take a peek – LAKE LURE PHOTOS