The Prairiland-Kansas Connection

It’s hard to say just how the stars lines up for this one, but Kansas seems to be a magnetic state for  some local Prairiland graduates.

Two of our senior boys, Nick Jones and Jeremiah Howington, both had stellar years playing football for the Prairiland Patriots.  They spent their  time on both sides of the line playing in the ‘trenches’ as both were exceptional linemen.  And both of these fine young men have been rewarded scholarships to further their playing time together at Bethel College in North Newton, Kansas.

The other exciting news on the front here today was the signing of former Prairiland standout, Cole White,  who was drafted in the 6th round to go play baseball for the Kansas City Royals.   I know their families are proud of them.  It’s kind of fun for me to watch this as well since I had both Nick and Cole in class back when they were in the 6th and 7th grade.  And I knew Jeremiah when he was still parading around in diapers wanting to ride my bus when I came to pick up his older sister years ago.  Geesh…I’m feeling a tad older today!!!

I just want to tip my hat to all three of these guys, and wish them blessings and success as they step up to the next level of play in their respective sports.

Hmmm, I wonder if the families would let me tag along to some future games if I promised to get some g0od pictures of them in action???? :- )