Don’t Mess With This Woman

So we’ve been up on the Pacific Beach in northwest Washington this past week for a family reunion.  We met up here last year and had such a  grand time that we made plans to meet here again this summer.  It’s been another great week and how can you beat temp’s in the 50’s all day  long with the smell of salt spray to greet you every morning?

The ‘highlight’ story of the week had to be the late night attempt by some local hoodlums who thought they could easily get away with trying to steal the large outdoor stainless steel grill that belong to my brother-in-law.  It happened late Thursday night when everyone had gone to bed, with the exception of Lisa, our firstborn, and my niece, Megan.  Apparently, they heard some loud racket out back of the rental house we were  staying in and thought it sounded like the grill being rolled out from the back yard.  According to Lisa’s version, which was hilarious to hear, she peeked out the door to see the grill was gone.  She goes out further in her flip flops and pajama bottoms to see two teenage boys rolling this grill down a steep incline in the street out front.

This did not set well with her as she took off running hollering at them, with Megan right behind her wondering if Lisa had gone crazy.  Lisa was hollering at them: “Are you freaking ridiculous?  Bring that back.  Are you guys serious?  You can’t take that…bring that back…you can’t be serious.  You Punks…stop right now!”

I guess she scared them off, because they ditched the grill several blocks away and Lisa and Megan proceeded to wheel this thing back up the road to the house.  No one else ever stirred with all the commotion and she never bothered to wake anyone to inform them of the late night escapade.  But it sure did bring some laughs as she amazed us all with her story of the night before when we all awoke the next morning.  We did file a report with the local police who did not seem overly concerned since nothing was ‘officially taken’.

I snapped this picture of Lisa and Megan the next day as we were getting ready to take our big group shot.  This is a woman who should not be messed with!
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