I Didn’t Make the Cut (aka- No Jury Duty Part II)

It took almost 50 years to have my number called, and I failed to make the cut. Honestly, it is more painful to write that I’m pushing 50 than it does to confess I was not ‘chosen’ to serve on the actual jury yesterday. But it was a rather fun and interesting day.

I ran into numerous folks whom I rarely see or had not seen in ages. It was nice to be able to chit chat and visit with them throughout the long day. When it came time to be seated for the preliminaries, we were filed in order of our summons number and sat down on rather hard benches within the very attractive and refurbished courtroom. I was seated next to an interesting woman whose face was adorned with various piercings. That did not bother me as much as her continuous hacking, coughing, sneezing, and nasal snorting throughout the 2 hour session. I really tried to pay attention to the talk and questions given by both lawyers while shooing away fears of being overcome by ‘swine flu’ or any other plague-like diseases.

When the presiding judge asked if anyone in our grouping had extenuating circumstances that might hinder us from serving on one of three juries this week, I was tempted to raise my hand and announce that I was scheduled to do a taping on the Dr. Phil Show and discuss my multiple-personality complex, but sanity prevailed and I realized this was not the setting to revert back to my high school days-mentality.

I did enjoy spending most of the day with “Joe”, a very likeable guy who serves as a local postmaster in the community we lived in for years. We were both like young boys laughing and cutting up most of the day. I told him he had no chance of being selected since people probably had seen his ‘picture hanging in the post office’. He and I popped in on a local diner for lunch that is across the street from the courthouse that I had never dined in before. We ran into another kind soul who insisted on paying for our meals after we invited her to join us. That was a fun lunch visit.

The last ‘cattle call’ of the day was delayed an extra 45 minutes or so while the probable defendant in the case was negotiating some sort of plea with the DA behind closed doors. Our suspicions of a possible out on a third hearing were confirmed when a very disgruntled woman came crashing out of the doors using words that are not best suited for this blog. So after being thanked by the judge for our patriotic service to our county, we were sent home shortly before 4PM.

I’m not sure what the lawyers were looking for in a promising candidate for a juror, but I doubt I’ll have what it takes again if they wait another 50 years to call me back.