PT, Pink Flamingos and other Random Thoughts

I think I have become a believer in physical therapy, if not a ‘guarded’ fan. I posted several weeks back about my diagnosis of a ‘frozen shoulder’ that had severely limited the movement of my right shoulder. For a lack of a better description, it was as if my shoulder socket had been filled with wet cement that was setting up gradually and limiting what I could do with my arm.

It hurt like the dickens too! But when I was told that through ‘aggressive’ therapy, that I should be able to regain my mobility back, I was more than willing to comply. It’s working, I’m pleased to report. Can’t say some of the exercises I do are enjoyable, but you know what everyone says about ‘no pain – no gain’. I’m not out playing golf yet, but maybe later this summer.

Our Easter weekend sure was a nice treat. But I feel like anytime we get to spend with all of our girls is a treat these days.

Lisa flew in to spend a few days with us and we all spent the weekend in Dallas where we had a great dinner at Minda’s apartment, attended a Saturday night service with her, and then Sunday morning service at Lisa’s old church in Denton. It was also a relief to see Caralyn go pain free for a few days after her recent bout with kidney stones. What a painful ride that has been for her. 🙁

I’d be lying if I said I was not looking forward to our four day weekend starting in two hours. It’s nice having weather days that we can cash in on later in the spring here at school. 🙂

I couldn’t help laughing when I drove in to the drive yesterday after school to see a flock of pink flamingos in the yard. I had read some various postings on Facebook of local folks who were seeing them pop up in their own yards. It’s a fundraiser that is benefiting the American Cancer Society and for a nominal fee, I can get the birds picked up and actually planted in some other yard of my choosing.

I just can’t believe how fast this school year is winding down. I count myself truly blessed to be able to teach kids – and I honestly enjoy do what I do.

The time off in the summer is just the ‘cherry on top’, as they say. It’s been a good school year with a good group of kids. We have our annual TAKS testing coming up the week after next, then May will zip by in the blink of an eye no doubt.

Next thing you know, another group of seniors will walk the stage with a diploma and we’ll start the process all over again. But I’ll enjoy my summer off first.

I finally got my new riding mower back out of the shop. Still hard to believe that little mice could do so much damage to my wiring. You’d think those pesky critters would know there is no nutritional value in nibbling the plastic coating off the wires. One of the guys at the shop told me that they had one farmer bring in their huge John Deere tractor with nine thousand dollars worth of damage due to mice. It was a bad year with mice around here. It’s time to start thinking of getting an outdoor cat for our place!