Jury Duty

I will turn 50 in January. I was actually getting to the point where I was certain that I’d go through life without ever being summoned for jury duty.

That changed yesterday when I got my first official summons in the mail. They found me.

Seems like everyone around me is always getting pegged to go perform their civic duty. I can’t say I have ever had that goal on the top of that list of ‘100 things I want to accomplish before I die’; but occasionally I do get curious as to why my number never got called. I have to report Monday morning next week at the courthouse. I’m glad we will be finished with all the TAKS testing this week and have this behind us. We still have several weeks of school left so a sub will be called in to take my class on Monday.

So what happens if I get selected to serve in some high profile trial – and that trial becomes the ‘trial of the century’?

It might be some huge criminal trial case that will draw media attention from around the country? Being the age I am, and appearing to be reasonably of sound mind on most days, I could be selected to be the foreman of the Jury. The other jurors might will look to me for guidance and wisdom. What if the case is controversial? The evidence presented might seem to make it an open and shut case, but I’ll remember Henry Fonda in that play/movie Twelve Angry Men. I could be the lone dissenter with my vote of ‘not guilty’.

Hmmm, the more I ponder this, the more troublesome it becomes – what if we get ‘sequestered’? If I can’t go home, I’ll have to get someone to walk our dog when Kathy works her few days at Baylor. They might even make a movie out of this trial. I better get a haircut before Monday just in case there is heavy media present and want to do live TV interviews. (good thing I’ve been losing weight as I hear you tend to look heavier on TV! ) I’m sure there will be book offers, TV appearances, The Today Show, Bill O’Reilley, Leno, Letterman, etc. On the other hand, if the trial has anything to do with organized crime, and the defendant goes down, someone might put a contract on my life. I may have to enter the Federal Witness Protection Program.

That would mean a move, no more teaching, no more tonycorsoimages.

This could be life changing. I’m not sure I’m emotionally ready for all this. What would happen if I show up Monday morning looking like a deranged derelict or something? I won’t shave for a couple of days, find some ratty looking clothes and practice drooling.

I bet they would dismiss me right off the bat.

Oh, what to do, what to do? I haven’t read in the paper lately of any other big trials being moved here from other cities.

This really may amount to nothing. The local police blotter that gets published in the paper regularly has lacked any significant or sensational news of late. I could be home by lunch on Monday. If the weather is nice, I could probably go hit some golf balls since a sub will have been brought in for me. Did I mention that my shoulder is doing much better and I actually was able to hit a bucket of balls Saturday morning? This could turn out to be a pretty decent Monday. Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted. Hmm, wonder if I should still find an agent just in case….