Easter Insights- Out of the Mouths of Babes

Well, maybe more like Jr. High Students to be exact.

Every Friday, I give a vocabulary quiz to all my 6th and 7th grade students. The quiz covers the new words they received at the start of the week. At the end of each quiz, I always include a bonus question worth 5 extra points. Normally, for the bonus question, I toss in a random question from the novel we are reading during that six week period to see if they remember what is happening in the story. If they fail to answer that question correctly, it does not hurt their grade.

So today, when I ran off the quizzes for this week’s words, I thought I’d just give a ‘Happy Easter’ bonus question with this being Easter weekend and all.

The question read: “According to Christian teachings, why were the bones of Jesus never found after his death?”

When you are dealing with Jr. High students, you never really quite know what to expect from them. What was compelling to me was the number of students who did Not even attempt to answer the bonus question. And while this is not scientific polling data, I have to assume that a high percentage of these students who did not answer the question probably just didn’t know the answer.

For the record, out of the 58 seventh graders who took the quiz today, 29 (or half of them) left that question blank (or wrote down ??); and of the 63 sixth graders who took the quiz today, 24 left that question blank. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on that tidbit of info.

Keep in mind those blank answers don’t take into account some of the response below that suggest they really were not too clear on the answer to the question either.

Below are a sampling of responses I did get that made me smile- (some of the spelling was interesting too)

Because he is the Holy Ghost.

Because he came back alive and the angle got him

Because he was reborn

God was planning to raise him from the dead so he kept his bones

They got took with him to heaven

He got up and left

Because he was dust when he died

He rouse after he was beared in a tome

Because he was saved again

He never really died, b/c if you rmbr he rose again! ha

Because he rose 3 days later and the skin wouldn’t have time to rotten

He was underground

Because they disinigrated

Cause no one new that he was still alive after they nailed him to the cross

Because they buried him in a tomb and I really don’t know

umm – his soul went to heaven and they rotted because he is awesome and his bones were weak he didn’t need weak ones. I.D.K.

And my favorite:

Never studied it in church/ not yet


Have a Blessed Easter Weekend.