Am I Getting Old, or What?


I started noticing some stiffness in my right shoulder/upper arm back last summer when I was shooting pictures at the Paris Rodeo.

It seemed to grow steadily worse over time as I moved in to the football season and taking all the pictures that I do. I was aware of some limited movement and slight pain, but just never gave it too much thought.

Sometime in October, I was invited to go play a round of golf, which I had not done all summer. I hesitated to commit to playing due to my shoulder issues, but after a few practice swings at home, I felt no restriction or discomfort and went out and played a great round of golf that day. Seems like right after the new year, the pain and discomfort was increasing even more. I have found myself unable to sleep through the night without waking in pain from moving or rolling over on my arm. So I’ve been propping it up with extra pillows when I go to bed at night.

When having an opportunity to go play some golf at the end of this month, it seemed improbable to me but I figured since I had no problem back in October that I’d be able to swing the club since that uses a different motion of the arm. Or so I thought. I grabbed a 7 iron last weekend for a few practice swings and on my first attempt, I was brought to the ground in pain. Kathy finally suggested a visit to a Dr. which I did today. After a few X-rays and a visit with a local orthopedic surgeon this morning, he promptly diagnosed my issue. It’s called ‘Frozen Shoulder’

He gave me a shot in the arm, literally, and says that some ‘aggressive’ physical therapy should bring back mobility in several months.

I was told that it was unlikely that my picture taking had anything to do with this, and that it just starts to happen when people get to certain age. That was encouraging – – – Not!

Oh Well. Such is life. At least I get to keep the arm. I wonder if the Dr. will write me a note saying I do need to ease up on any house cleaning chores, painting, gardening work, etc. 🙂