My African Safari

Ok, so it wasn’t really ‘Africa’. It was more like the Ft. Worth zoo. Kathy and I made a run over there yesterday and joined EVERY OTHER KID on Spring Break in the state of Texas who decided to go there as well. But with as beautiful as the weather was, who could blame them?

I can’t remember the last time I went to a zoo. It’s been years.

I have an interesting history with public zoos, having been ‘asked to leave the premises’ on two separate occasions as a teenager. When I was 15 years old, our family made a trip out to Disneyland and I came across a very good ape mask, that was similar to the ones they used for the extra’s in the filming of the old Planet of the Apes. I use to have a lot of fun with that mask. During my senior year of high school while over in Germany, our class took a field trip to the Frankfurt Zoo. I thought it would be fun to bring the mask along, (concealed) and then try it on while visiting the apes in their exhibit area.

It caused quite a stir in more ways than you can imagine. I was quickly escorted out of the zoo and spent the rest of the afternoon waiting on the bus for my classmates.

The following year, now as a mature college student living in a Frat house (an oxymoron, I know) at Arizona State University, our pledge class took a group of kids with the Big Brothers Association to the Phoenix zoo. Who’d thought the American zoo keepers would have had similar hang-ups with their German counterparts when it came to a young man with an ape mask in their gorilla exhibit. Needless to say, I was escorted out of my second zoo in twelve months for the same offense.

I don’t have that mask anymore so when I attended the Ft. Worth zoo yesterday, the only extra baggage I brought with me was my camera gear. And that was kind of cool, taking pictures of exotic animals that I had never photographed before.

I realize these are ‘just animal’ shots, but I thought I’d post them anyway…because, that’s what I do! :- )

Zoo Gallery Shots can be viewed HERE