By George, Is That Me ?

I blogged a month or so ago about joining the ranks of Facebook. It seems to be catching on with us ‘older folks’ from what I can tell. And while my middle child, Minda seemed a bit cool to my being on there at first, she did warm up enough to allow me as a ‘friend’ in the Network.

What this means is you are able to read an ongoing bulletin board of random post of everyone you are networked in with. It is just a continuous flow of brief statements updating your status, (what you are doing at that moment in time) along with miscellaneous pictures, video clips, etc.

So the other day, I see this random picture posted of what appears to be Me, boarding the plane last week when we flew out to my folks place for the anniversary celebration in South Carolina. Minda had apparently taken it with her phone camera and posted it to show what a seemingly small plane it was that we were boarding/flying on. What confused me though, aside from never being aware she took the picture, was a comment posted by my first born, Lisa, under the picture. It simply read: “HAHAHAHAHAHA”.

I was curious to investigate why she was laughing at the picture. I didn’t look that silly boarding the plane, so I clicked on the picture that took me to Minda’s home page where she had posted the shot. There was her comment mentioning the size of the plane. And the first response that was under the picture was by someone in Minda’s network who wrote: “Is that George Clooney? Where are you flying with George?”

Thus, Lisa’s outburst of laughing. My youngest daughter, Caralyn also commented on that being ‘painful’ to read. Ah, daughters.

So, having the freedom and access to comment myself, I just mentioned that there was a resemblance.

Minda took the picture down and the Clooney Comment. But I was able to save the picture before she did! :- )

( In case it’s hard to distinguish, I’m the one in the first picture boarding the plane. That’s George in the second shot)