The Career That Almost Was

“Coming to you live on location – this is… ”

You have no idea how many times I have uttered those words over the years, be it on home videos, the telephone, a hairbrush-turned microphone, etc. There was a time early in my life where I dreamed of being in front of a news camera broadcasting the news, sports, or weather. I had even declared it as my college major once upon a time when I started out at Arizona State U. But as we all know, life’s paths often take different turns , thus my desire to be a TV journalist would remain tucked away as a hidden fantasy.

So you have to understand that when I walked in to our teacher’s workroom Wednesday morning and was told by a colleague that the cable news channel in Paris was fixing to start a daily live news broadcast and were looking for a sports newscaster, my antenna went up.

On a whim, I just called to see what all was involved and gave them a brief background of myself. I was first told that they might call me back in a day or two, and then 30 minutes later, I was called back to see if I could come sit down and visit with them that evening.

I remember my wife’s response when I called her and told her what I was doing and it was rather comical, at best, as was my oldest daughter’s. Not really knowing what might transpire, I met with the two producers of the station and had a very insightful and interesting interview. I even did some on camera readings for them. Who’d thought that the next day, I would be offered the position to be the sports anchor for Action News 99 in Paris ,Texas?

As impressed as I was with the gentlemen that I met with, and the possibilities that loomed, I had to politely decline what would probably be a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ for me regarding a break into the broadcast industry. After a whirlwind of a day entertaining the potential in this opportunity, I found myself the next morning, after a night of sleep, weighing the other issues. The initial ‘part time’ job would have involved leaving straight from school Mon- Fri. and working 4-5 hours more that evening. That would have obviously put a crimp in my photography and certainly would not have been healthy for my marriage to be gone so much.

And thinking on it more, I realized that at some point in the not too far off future, I more than likely would have had to make a choice of pursuing this new career, and probably leave my teaching job behind.

I just wasn’t ready to do that. I consider myself extremely blessed to truly enjoy what I do now. I love my job. I love teaching my kids and having the interaction that I do with them. My photography has grown in to a very fulfilling hobby/part-time business as well.

I just am nowhere near ready to give all that up. Perhaps, had I been in my early twenties and in a dead-end job, and still chomping at the bit to break into the TV industry, I would have not thought twice about jumping in to this venture. . . But that is not the case.

So it looks like I’ll just hold on to my hairbrush/microphone, and continue with the corny lines on home videos, and dream about what might have been.

“This is Tony Corso, signing off and I hope to see you back here tomorrow evening, same time, same channel!”