Must be the month of breath-taking Sunrises

I shot this early this morning while taking Mollie out to do her ‘business’.

Pretty spectacular, if you ask me.

It’s Monday evening now. It’s that time of year when families gather and we like so many others, are looking forward to ours being here again. We had the girls all in for Thanksgiving and Christmas is only a few days away. Caralyn is actually driving in from Denton now after getting off work.

She finished up her first semester at nursing school and is ready for a much needed break. Tomorrow, Minda will pick up Lisa at the airport and drive on home with her. Wednesday will be Christmas Eve and my plans for now are to rise early and make home made cinnamon rolls for the girls. (Provided I can get my yeast to work-seems I’ve had issues with that on my last several attempts!) Kathy will get off work Wednesday morning and head on home to join us.

We dug out a box of home made videos dating back 20 years that we have not viewed in a very long time; so that is on the slate for our Christmas Eve here.

Should be fun. :- )

Here’s hoping you all have a blessed week with your loved ones as well.

Cheers ! :- )