Wanna See My Scar?

I think it was it was like five weeks ago, I posted on my blog here about coming back from a TJRA rodeo event in McAlester, OK. I cited a few examples of the ‘dangers’ involved of just taking pictures at such an event and commented that I thought I was getting “too old and fat” to be dodging bulls anymore. I would have hung my spurs, (or camera) up after that last event, but I had agreed to cover the Finals that were held this past weekend at the same arena.

On one of the roping events, I was straddled over the pipe fence on the other end of the arena. One of the ropers had chased his steer down one end and then circled around and was running up along the side of where I was. I saw him coming and just turned my body so my back was towards him. As he was slinging or twirling (or whatever it is they do with their ropes), I felt this ‘SMACK’ up along the backside of my thigh.

It really hurt. Bad. And I have to admit, some bad words came to my mind. I think that roper said some bad words too since he missed his calf.

The back side of my thigh was really ‘smartin’ the rest of the day and all day today as I drove home. And here’s why: (see photo) That’s about a 6 inch scar/welt/bruise on the back side of my thigh.

Later on, in the bull riding competition, I was in the same spot on the fence and the first bull out of the chutes tosses his rider and comes right at me. I start to swing my inside leg over to dodge him and just as I have my leg up, the bull storms past me, kicks his hind legs up that catches my camera bag that sends it over the fence along with me. I had my camera and lens around my neck but there was another body and flash in the bag. No injury to the gear, but that motion sent me flying to the ground – right in front of a bunch of teens.

So now I think I will retire from the rodeo business. Give me a good old Friday night High school football game anytime to shoot!!!