Lisa Corso In Concert

Yep. I did know her. 🙂

So if anyone has been looking for football pictures from this past Friday night’s game at Redwater, sorry to disappoint, but I had the privilege of flying out to Phoenix to see my firstborn perform in a local concert. That sure was a treat for me.

She did a great job and even got to sing and play her first ‘original’ song which she wrote. Her grandparents were in attendance, along with some friends from work. I think it was a special night for her. I know I was proud Dad. 🙂

Earlier in the day, I was picked up at the airport my father-in-law, Dave, and then got to meet up with Craig, my ‘Bro-in-law’ for lunch. Craig had been in town the whole week to be with his dad who was recuperating from brain surgery. Later that afternoon, Dave dropped me off at Lisa’s work place where I got the tour and saw where she is currently employed.

Lisa had a prior commitment that tied her up a good part of the day on Saturday, so I got to spend some time with my in-laws and even did some pictures with Siraj and Nadia, my nephew and niece.

Those kind of weekends never seem to last long enough. But it was a full one nonetheless. I was even introduced to hummus (sp?) and am told it is quite good for you. We’ll see.

Thanks Lisa , for your hospitality. It was great seeing you. 🙂

Click HERE to see some more pictures of the concert.