Hummers, Hurricanes, Hand Washing & Halleluiahs

Been an interesting week leading up to this Labor Day weekend. At the close of last week, Caralyn, our youngest who just started nursing school, reached a crowning achievement in her life. Her first ‘exam’ in nursing school was loaded down with ‘pass or you’re out of the program-pressure’.

The subject matter in which she was tested? – Hand washing. Yep. Hand washing. I sleep better knowing she passed that exam, and that my money is being well spent on her education. 🙂

In the meantime, Lisa, our oldest, opted to fly up to her old stomping ground in Colorado for this past weekend. I guess she flew into Denver late Thursday and had arranged to rent a car there to drive down to Colorado Springs. She realized after planning this trip that she’d fly in to the city that was hosting the Democratic convention at the time. Not a big deal, until she was told that there were no economy sized cars available, but not to worry, they would provide an upgrade at no extra cost. I just wish I had a picture of her face when she went out to get her rental and they pulled up with a huge, white Hummer!

I think she did some internal ‘repenting’ for all the negative thoughts she has projected on people who drive those rigs. (She still hasn’t told me what she spent on gas this past weekend)

And our ‘Minda Lou’ decided to bless us with her company this weekend. I think it was a relaxing weekend for her to be home and rest up. We smoked briskets and had a home improvement project slated in redoing our front porch. Those are always interesting projects. But the highlight of the weekend for us had to be going down to Minter to be in church service at Abundant Life where I pastored for a lot of years. It was good to be with ‘family’ and just enjoyed the flood of good memories that washed over me during the service. At the close of the meeting, Minda was asked if she was up for a song and she gladly obliged. There were very few dry eyes in that place after she belted out an old favorite that just was anointed with grace and power. I don’t remember the last time I heard her sing. She is also awaiting word on a special ministry opportunity where she attends in Dallas now. I can’t imagine that door Not opening for her and her gift. 🙂

‘Gustov’ made news this week as the hurricane made landfall just west of New Orleans. And current weather projections have it’s path slated to march right up in our neck of the woods here within the next 48 hours. They are saying we’ll get anywhere from 8-12 inches of rain. Should be interesting. According to the map, it ought to blow through our backyard sometime Wednesday morning.

I’ve had several people mention reading my blog last week where I suggested an inspiring read, in The Shack. As I mentioned in that post, I really found it to be quite engaging as it moved my heart deeply. In some ways, it was like getting a new glimpse of God all over again. As I said, it may not have the same effect on others. I think a lot of times, we are moved deeply by God’s presence given the place we are in at the time. I’ve even read some articles of criticism regarding the book. Let me just say, The Shack, is just a fictional piece of work. It’s not meant to be some new theology or new teaching. It is a heart stirring story that can be most inspiring and I can only pray that it blesses others in the same way it blessed me.