Chin Up!

I spent a good part of my Saturday, yesterday and last week, taking pictures of soccer players for the Soccer Association up in town. That was a fun and full day. Lots of cute kids.

I lost count on how many times I’d instruct a particular child just before I snapped the picture to get their ‘chin up’.

I guess after repeated times uttering that phrase, I just found it brought back smiles for a host of reasons. First and foremost, how many times have you zipped a coat up for someone and told them (your child most likely) to get their ‘chin up’ as they looked down in wonder while you put the zipper together and it was like they’d get their chin mutilated if they kept looking down at the process. Just those two words: “Chin up” – uttered with tender care, can speak volumes.

It’s also a phrase we use to encourage others who might be down, as marked by a hanging head and we want to tell them to ‘keep their chin up’…as to say – better days are ahead-things will be OK.

The only negative connotation with that phrase involves that dreaded exercise we’d do on a bar, having to do ‘chin ups’ in PE class in a long ago era of life. It was as if your masculinity was measured by how many of those ridiculous things you could do.

Funny though, how just saying that so many times yesterday to those kids just made me smile. For them, it was so I could get a better picture. With some of us older folks, we want that chin up in a picture so that we’re only photographing ‘one chin’, and not multiple ones. 😉

It’s still a tender phrase though. So whatever is going on in your world these days, remember to keep your ‘chin up’.

It’s good to hope for better days ahead.