The Shack

It is about 10 PM on Sunday night, the eve of a new school year where I’ll begin my 12th or 13th year of teaching, or something close to that.

I started this web site a little over two years ago just on a whim when I got back to toying around with my photography and found it to be a pretty cool way to exhibit some of my pictures. I always felt like I was just in a little bit over my head trying to construct and maintain a real website. But I’m still here – as is the web site. I also like to write when I get the urge and so this blog was a fun way to do just that- write whatever came to mind or was on my heart at the time.

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea who, if anyone really even ever reads my dribble here. It’s more or less just an outlet for me. I know lots of kids and folks come to see the pictures of various games and such, which is fun and primarily why I post the pictures – because it seems to bring a lot of smiles to kids and parents alike.

And so once again, I take the liberty to jot down some thoughts that are pressing on my heart tonight and launch them off in to cyberspace for whoever happens to come across this page to read.

A lot of you know that I used to pastor a church here in the area for about 16 years. I stepped down from that role 3 ½ years ago as I really, really…needed a break, for a host of reasons. Like for most people, I would imagine, your spiritual journey has been unique in its own way. My own personal ‘spiritual experience’ has been no doubt –quite a journey. There is no way I would even attempt to launch off here in this  medium to recount or explain all that has transpired in my life. But to repeat myself once more, let me just say, ‘It’s been quite a journey’!

What inspires me to share here tonight is a book I just finished. Perhaps you have heard of it: The Shack, by William Young . I was somewhat familiar with the title, hearing nothing more than a few details about the book and than it was ‘quite a read’. Since the summer time is when I usually catch up on my reading, I ordered it a few weeks back and finally got around to picking it up to see for myself what it was all about.

I can’t say for sure that if you pick up a copy and read it for yourself, that it will have the same effect on you, or make the impact in your heart that it did on mine. But something special has transpired in my heart that in my judgment, has been long overdue. I know my judgments at times can be faulty, at best; but I am also confident that God is never late. Make no mistake about it though, there has been a seismic shift in my heart and mind after reading this story.

Let me encourage anyone who has read this far already, regardless of your age or background, if you ever got to a place in your own ‘journey with God’ where you felt like you hit a wall; maybe were overcome with discouragement or disillusionment, perhaps discovered that the older  you got- the less answers you seem to have; just maybe, this book will be an encouragement for you as it has been for me.

If I may, let me conclude with just a word of advice as you approach this novel, borrowing a theme from another classic title by C.S. Lewis- The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe”

In that well known story (that was also made into a movie production a few years ago), a young girl named Lucy, is a guest in a home where she makes a quick attempt to hide herself one afternoon by jumping into a large wardrobe. If you are familiar with that story, you remember that Lucy realizes quickly that this is no ordinary wardrobe and finds her self venturing into an enchanted land known as Narnia.

When she makes her way back after this fascinating discovery, she is eager to share her experience with her brothers and sisters. Of course, as you might expect (or know if you read the story) on her first attempt to lead them to this land of Narnia, they find that this wardrobe is simply that- a wardrobe and nothing else.

But in due time, as it is meant to be, they all discover this passageway in that particular wardrobe which leads them all into a life changing journey.

I share this example to suggest that you might possibly pick up a copy of The Shack, read it, and find it to simply be – just another book. And if so, that is fine. I feel no pressure to promote or push an experience on you that is not meant to be. But I also make no apologies nor have any reservations in gladly sharing that the message in this book, has melted my heart and given me a renewed perspective of God, something that I have longed to experience for some time now.

If you do happen to come across the story, and read it and are refreshed by it, I’d love to hear from you as well.

Cheers :- )