Blast to my Past

So with some extra free time on my hands, I decided to try using my scanner and pulling up some old photographs I had buried away from years ago. Back in the ‘olden’ days, we use to use this material called ‘film’ that we would insert in our cameras.

Once we had taken the pictures, we actually had to process this ‘film’ stuff with chemicals and make actual prints on special photographic paper with it. 🙂

Living in Europe, I often found the local markets a haven for picture taking. I’m including a few of those scanned shots HERE.

Oh yeah…I found these two snap shots as well. I used to enjoy doing a bit of acting on stage back in my high school days. A former classmate and I had the lead roles in The Music Man which I did my senior year in high school. If you are familiar with the play/movie, the lead female role is a librarian whose name is Marian. The girl who played opposite of me was a year behind me in school and went on to do rather well for herself on stage and screen. Back then, I knew her as Julie Smith.

Her ‘famous’ name is Julianne Moore and has done a few shows and movies since then. Here she is back when she was 17.