Another Visit to Chicago

This has been a great summer for traveling for me. I was blessed to do the family reunion up in the Northwest two weeks ago on the Pacific beach as I previously posted. Minda had flown up a few days after us, and then stayed longer as well. Kathy and I arrived back in Dallas on a Thursday and stayed the night at Minda’s apartment so we would not have far to drive the next morning. Kathy was leaving out with a group of nurses for a week long conference in Los Angeles. After depositing her at the airport, I headed home for the weekend but then reloaded and flew off to Chicago the following Monday where I spent 4 days with some dear friends who we have known for a very long time.

Their daughter, Mia, is getting married next month and I flew up to do a bridal shoot and spend a few days with Mike (her father) tinkering around with our cameras. We go waaay back in our shared love of photography so this trip was just really fun. It occurred to me one morning when Minda was getting ready to fly home, that at that moment in time, she was in Seattle, WA, Kathy was in LA, Lisa was in Phoenix, Caralyn was in Dallas and I was in Chicago.

Pretty wild, really.

I got to say that doing this bridal shot was really a blast. We did a number of pictures on the top of their apartment building with the Chicago skyline as a backdrop. The next day, we were able to set up my light gear in the church where she is going to be married next month. Let me just say…that there is something special about being able to take wedding/bridal pictures in such a magnificent building as this one was. I’m posting a shot of it as well.

They sure don’t make church buildings like they used to! 🙂 (I’m bet there is a sermon in that statement as well!)

There is no telling how many pictures I snapped this past week, but I even found some time to enjoy some great Chicago

Style Deep Dish Pizza on my last evening there. I know…I know…I live a hard life. 🙂

I returned from Chicago this past Thursday and actually had another shoot lined up to do on Friday. Talk about an inspiring session. Years ago, all three of our girls took swimming lessons from a college student, Becky White, who lived in Bogota, just down the road from us. It was an annual ritual to cart the girls down there where all three learned how to swim under Becky’s tutelage. Becky was an aspiring pianist/music major and eventually graduated with a Masters, moved off to Waco, got married and started teaching music to elementary kids.

About a month or so ago, I got an email from her ‘out of the blue’, as the saying goes. She had come across an ad in the local paper where she saw the link to my web site here. Seems that years ago, upon graduating with her masters, her parents blessed her with a 100+ year old Baldwin piano that is truly a work of art. Apparently, she had been interested in getting some pictures done with her at the piano and contacted me to arrange a possible session. It was truly one of the more inspiring shoots I can recall doing. The reason being – Becky played the piano the entire time. She is truly a gifted artist and it just seemed to rub off on to me and we were both quite pleased with the end result on the pictures I took.

She opened up with the song ‘Jessica’s Theme’, the tune from the movie “The Man from Snowy River”. Played it like three times in a row. I forgot what great a melody that is. Guess I’ll sign off with this entry with just a couple of sample shots of this past weeks shoots-