Pacific Beach Reunion

I think it was Harry Truman who was noted for the saying “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!” I guess after living in Texas for nearly 30 years, I’ve grown accustomed to the heat. But I sure don’t mind escaping it when the opportunity lends itself. And as I type this entry, I’m on a Southwest Flight returning from a family reunion in northwest Washington where the daytime temps on the Pacific Beach hovered between the mid 40’s and middle 50’s.

It was a great vacation that included watching my ‘near-insane’ nephews frolic in the icy waters of the Pacific ocean, a day of deep sea fishing which was a ‘first’ for me, and some sightseeing around the area in a rain forest and along the beach. I also saw my first bald eagle in the wild one morning while out for an early stroll. A dead seal had washed up on the beach and the eagle was investigating the carcass when I strolled up. It didn’t seem too bothered by my presence as I stopped and just gazed at the magnificent bird. I didn’t have my camera at the time, but came back later where I spotted his ‘hang out spot’ in a dead tree high up on the cliffs. He was pretty far off so this picture was the best I could do from that distance.

The fish I’m holding up here was one of the two Link Cod I caught (which was the limit on these type). I also bagged my limit on the sea bass which was 10. Those were pretty fun bringing up too. Our group brought back about 120+ pounds of filleted fish which Craig and Andrea will bring home to store in their freezers. It was, without a doubt, a mess of fish. Despite the long day and late return home, we were bound and determined to fry up some of our fresh catch and found the cod to be much tastier than the bass.

I posted a few new shots on my front /home page here from the trip. They include a waterfall I saw in the rainforest, a sunset amidst the clouds over the Pacific ocean, and one of many seal gull shots I attempted while they continued to fly over the dunes where we stayed.

It’s pretty amazing to think that last night, after a long day of deep-sea fishing with the ‘guys’, I sat out in back of one of the houses where we stayed with one of my brother-in-laws, Andrew. The rest of the gang were taking in a movie inside so we laid out in the recliners watching the sunset after a long but fun-filled day; and we huddled in our coats before the evening chill drove us back inside.

I kept telling myself, and Andrew, that this was June, and that within 24 hours, I would be getting off a plane back in near 100 degree Texas weather. I just might have to crank my A/C down when I get in and huddle up on the sofa just to get acclimated again, while holding on to those chilling memories for just a few more hours. 🙂
A larger collection of vacation photos can be seen HERE