The Smiles That Come With Having Daughters, and Other Memorial Day Musings

The four day weekend has been nice to be off before we come back for the final stretch of school leading up to the summer break.

We’re staying in a week later than normal this year (due to starting later than normal) with the high school graduation slated for June 6th. I believe that is D-Day. Minda came in for a brief visit Friday to see a friend and have some work done on her car. (I’m still trying to get the grease off my fingers from that brake job!) She headed out Saturday afternoon and several hours later, Caralyn rolled in to town.

It’s always fun to have the girls visit. Guess there is something special about doing laundry at mom & dad’s. 🙂 I went to bed somewhat early Saturday evening. And being the first one to arise in the mornings around here, my first reminder that Caralyn was home came when I stepped in to the bathroom that she was using downstairs. The picture below will speak for itself. We normally have just one bottle of a hand soap dispenser next the sink. The only commentary I’ll add to this is the fact that I’m so glad I’m a guy!!!

Then, when I made my way out to the kitchen to start some coffee, I was greeted with two ‘obstacles’ on the kitchen floor. Apparently, before she retired the night before, Caralyn encountered two ‘creatures’ that had made their way into our house and in to the kitchen.  One of them was a small scorpion which she trapped with an upturned cup.  We do have those critters appear occasionally in the house, but the lizards are a rarity to see indoors.  She trapped that also, with an upturned salad bowl.  And since neither of the plastic dishes now servings as cages were transparent, Kathy was compelled to leave ‘stick-em’ notes labeling which species were under the respective dishes— “Scorpion” and “Lizard”.   So Caralyn trapped them, Kathy labeled them, the the duty to remove them from the house fell upon me.

I will say that Caralyn is my movie buddy and usually is pretty gun-ho about seeing the latest action flicks with me. We caught the newly released episode of Indiana Jones which was OK.  But I think the previews of the new Batman flick due out in July suggested that it will make for a good date with my ‘baby’ as well. 😉

We also had Friday off from school due to an unused  weather day so I tackled a list of yard chores I had marked to do. The week before, I purchased some old railroad ties to build up a garden bed next to the carport.  When I went out to the shed to get my chain saw to cut some of the ties down, I was pretty  shocked & disappointed to discover that my chain saw was no longer there.  I normally keep the shed locked up.  Maybe once in awhile, I’ll leave it open and run to the store for something if I need gas or something else.  But there is no doubt that someone happen to come by, who knows when, and decided to help them self to a chain saw that I have used a lot over the last six years since I bought it.     That really is a weird feeling…knowing someone took the liberty to just help themselves to property that didn’t belong to them.  And
what can you do about it?  I really don’t know when I used it last, so I have no idea when it was taken.  There was no sign of forced entry. Nothing else was removed.  It must have been a quick run and grab the first thing they saw and split.

I was reminded how years ago, I made a point to ‘mentally’ commit all of our belongings to the Lord- my kids, wife, possessions, jobs, etc. Everything belongs to Him. So in perspective, that chainsaw belonged to God.  Not sure I’d want to steal His stuff.  He knows where it’s at…and who took it.  So I’ll just leave it up to Him to deal with the culprit.   But heck…it was just a chain saw.  Memorial Day is the day we stop to reflect upon those men and women who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom.  I can easily replace a chain saw.  But a life given up is forever gone.  I’m thankful to live in this country, with it’s flaws and all.

Things could be a lot worse, you know?