O Say Can You Sing?

It was a dark and stormy night.

Well, not sure about the storms, but it rained some. And that is why I had spent over an hour preparing our old sofa for a road trip to Caralyn’s house in Denton early this morning. I had wrapped it in heavy plastic and duct tape, then got Kathy to help me carry it outside and set into the back of my truck.

It was not one of our finer moments.

After another wrapping in a newly purchased tarp and plenty of nylon rope, the sofa was ready for the early morning departure. The weather forecast was calling for heavy rains after midnight that would last through out the late morning hours. It was nearly midnight before I was asleep in bed, and then up 5 hours later to head out with Kathy. The plan was to run by Caralyn’s place and deposit the couch, then go to church with her in Southlake, and eventually meet up with Minda where we thought we’d spend our Sunday afternoon at the horse race track located at Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie.

That’s right. The horse races!

Minda had auditioned and been selected to open up the day at the track with the singing of the National Anthem.

So it worked out for us to get Caralyn’s delivery taken care of, attend church service followed up by breakfast/lunch out before she headed back home and Kathy and I joined up with Minda.

We got the VIP treatment at the park (which I had never been to before). We also got valet parking, and special box seats upstairs where all the rich and famous people go to watch and bet on the races. I didn’t seen any famous people and who knows if anyone there was rich. Didn’t seem like a very good way to make money if you ask me.

Minda did a great job as it was broadcast on the HUGE Jumbo screen at the center of the track and broadcast over the park’s sound system. Then it was time for the races to begin and we left shortly thereafter. We made the two hour trip back home and I was snugly asleep in my recliner at 4:05PM for an hour nap.

Cost of our day’s adventure:

Plastic wrap and new tarp to wrap sofa – $15.00

Breakfast at Einstein’s Bagels – $24.00

Cost to fill up my truck & Caralyn’s car with gas – $106.00 (ouch!)

Being there to hear our daughter sing the National Anthem at this public event? —– PRICELESS!!! :- )