Why I Don’t Keep Live Chickens…and other random thoughts.

It was an overly ambitious mission, at best. I got in from my bus run this afternoon and went in the house to grab the phone for a quick call and to take Mollie, our ‘indoor dog’, out to do her business. My thinking was I’d make the call while walking Mollie out towards the mailbox to bring in the mail along with the newspaper. And since I was out there by the road, why not just wheel in the empty trash bin that had its contents picked up earlier in the day.

So now if you can imagine, I have Mollie’s leash in my left hand, the mail and paper tucked up under my left armpit, the phone that is starting to ring pinched between my left ear and left shoulder, and the large trash bin handle on wheels in tow behind me in my right hand.

Then comes CoCo. She’s our small-sized, totally docile ‘outdoor’ dog. She accompanied us to the mailbox, and then darted off into the trees which I barely noticed. – until I heard an unfamiliar noise uncommon around our place here.

It was a rooster. I’m thinking a lost rooster since I’ve never seen any fowl of that type around our place.

Once upon a time, I tried to convince Kathy to let me keep chickens here on the property. I wanted to build a pen and raise them for the eggs and such. But that dream never happened.

In the meantime, Mollie has perked up and is pulling taut on the leash in the direction of the commotion. The next thing I see is a rooster, being chased by Coco coming out of the brush with leaves flying everywhere. And this bird was letting it be known it was terrified, if not happy at all with this dog in hot pursuit.

That’s when I knew I had taken on too much and had to disengage the phone.

Trying not to drop my mail and phone, I let go of the trash bin while keeping Mollie at bay. I started to feel sorry for the rooster who was now on its side and was just about to become Coco’s evening meal. I kept hollering at Coco to come to me and leave that poor bird alone but it was one of the few times she has ever failed to heed my call. The closer I got to the fracas in the leaves, the more excited Mollie got and I would have to pull back.

Finally, CoCo came to me, coated in feathers, only to turn around and then see the resurrected bird arise, squawk, and attempt to flee for its life. Again, he was quickly subdued by CoCo.

Three times this scene played out. Every time, Coco wanted to bring the catch up towards the back door but I would not hear of it.

And every time I thought the bird had finally expired, Coco would drop it, and it would somehow find a second wind and attempt to make a noisy escape. The 4th time, it was over. The Rooster was no more. Mollie was beside herself. Feathers were everywhere.

The trash bin was half-way up the drive. And the mail was mangled.

I wonder who it was I tried calling in the first place?

So that is why I don’t have chickens around the place here.

We have an outdoor dog who was here before Both the chicken And the egg.

And on a lighter note,

Last night, I got to bed early which was not only nice, but needed. I was tired but thought I’d watch a bit of the election returns from the New Hampshire primary on the TV. I sort of enjoy this every four years.

Perhaps I’ve never mentioned this before, but the only people I ever delight in seeing ‘lose’ something…is not a ball team or a political candidate, but rather the pollsters.

I LOVE to see these pollsters get it wrong. And did they ever miss this race between Clinton and Obama. As the precincts around the state were reporting the results, all the pundits and talking heads on the TV were just aghast with disbelief that their numbers and predictions had totally missed this race.

So chuckling to myself and at the TV over how ridiculous polls are, my phone rings.

Why I answered it, still remains a mystery to me, but I did.

It was some young man by the name of Josh. He was calling from Gallup, a nationally recognized polling group who wanted to ask me a few questions. I thought this had to be a joke, but he was for real. And why I agreed to answer his questions was the second great mystery of the night. They weren’t even political questions.

Seems Gallup is wanting to get the pulse of the health of Americans and started asking me all kinds of questions that maybe were not overly personal, but after the fact, I thought I probably wouldn’t do that again.

I think it was the question wanting to know if I ate many vegetables or fruit this past week that raised my eyebrows.

I responded: “Is this my mom really?”

When he asked me how much I had exercised this past week, I KNEW then that Kathy had put him up to this.

Then he wanted to know about my emotional health and asked if I had been angry that day.

I told him I teach Junior high kids.

He laughed and said: “So I’ll mark Yes?”

I can hardly wait to see what tomorrow holds in store.