Happy New Year

I consider myself to be quite fortunate in many ways. Not only do I actually enjoy my job of teaching Jr. High kids, but I also get the extended vacation breaks as well. 🙂

Our Christmas break is coming to a rapid end; as in we start back to school tomorrow. It’s been a good vacation. We so enjoyed having our girls in with us at Christmas and what a hoot it was to break open the home videos that we have not seen in years. Talk about some good laughs- there were no shortages of that for sure. I still can’t get over how skinny I used to be, or how black my hair was once upon a time. It was amusing during one particular clip that we viewed of us in our home back in San Antonio in 1989. Kathy was actually filming me and Caralyn  ( in her high chair) eating at the table. I looked up and asked her why she would just let the camera run for such boring and random footage. Her response…”Hush- you’ll appreciate this 20 years from now!”

She was right! 🙂 Just can’t believe how fast the years have flown by.

Lisa and Minda didn’t stay around long after Christmas. Lisa flew out the next morning for a planned road trip throughout Ireland with a friend. She is having a blast over there. We received a picture from her of a little cafe/pub that was actually named “Paris Texas” with a cowboy hat and Eiffel Tower as a logo. How random is that?

Minda joined my brother and his family again this winter break for a week long ski trip up on the Rockies. She flew in yesterday, back to Dallas, where she was greeted with 84 degree temperatures.

That was yesterday. Today, it’s in the 40’s and a strong north wind is blowing. Texas weather seems to struggle making up it’s mind what season it wants to be in at times.

We saw the movie yesterday, Boy in the Striped Pajamas. What a story. It has received rave reviews and has a holocaust theme to it. Very touching and sobering storyline and an ending I never saw coming. I guess I’ve had that Holocaust theme on my mind of late since we did that book in school and museum trip. I posted a separate page about that. I actually got an email from the survivor who spoke to us after he saw this link. He was quite blessed and appreciative to read it and it made my day.

Speaking of home videos- we purchased a Magnavox VHS/DVD recorder at Wal-Mart two weeks ago. I guess I didn’t realize how the technology existed finally, in an affordable way, to transfer old VHS tapes to DVD disk. I’ve wanted to do this for years to preserve our footage and finally got motivated to begin this project. It has been very pleasing to see how easy the whole process has been and am sure this will keep me busy over the next month or so. I would strongly suggest anyone/everyone who has old tapes to do this themselves.

Here’s hoping that 2009 brings a sense of renewed and refreshing hope and blessings your way.