Did She Miss the Bus? Why Else Would She Run 13 Miles Through the Streets of Phoenix?

…unless she was running in a marathon?

Which was exactly what she was doing this past weekend. Lisa, our firstborn, lives in the Valley of the Sun now. She took up running about a year ago when living in Colorado and after moving south, decided to start training for the annual marathon event they host there in Phoenix. That alone makes me wonder if she was switched at birth as I don’t know that her feeling compelled to run like that is linked to her DNA.

But, I did fly out there last Friday and had a great visit with the in-laws and Lisa…seeing her new place, where she works, and eventually planted myself midway of the route to take some pictures. She actually ran in the 1/2 marathon that runs simultaneously with the full marathon event that took place on Sunday. But 13 miles is nothing to sneeze at. She did great….actually finished in the top 25% and may be pondering a stab at the Olympics sometime? NOT! 🙂

Here’s a couple of shots taken. Way to go Lisa!!!