Take Me Out to the Ball Game

With my summer break quickly winding down, Kathy and I decided to go catch a Texas Ranger’s game this past weekend. We invited Minda to join us and met up for a dinner at Chili’s before heading to the park. Knowing we’d experience triple-digit heat, we just accepted the fact and came dressed ‘coolly’ and equipped with multiple bottles of cold water. And of course I had my camera in tow as well. 🙂

It really was a nice evening in spite of the sweltering heat and zero breeze at the Ballpark. The Rangers won beating Tampa Bay 9-1. Without a doubt, the Ballpark in Arlington is truly a beautiful place to see and visit. We got pretty decent seats in the second tier overlooking right field. In fact, a young boy sitting right beside us caught a foul ball that was hit up into our section. That was the closest I’ve ever been to seeing one of those at a major league game.

I have decided that if I was to ever teach a photography class in the future, (not that I am planning or aspiring to do that) I would most definitely assign every student to do a photo-shoot at a major-league park. I’ve been to ball games before, but this time was just different. I wanted to take in the sights through my lens and man…was there ever some great sights to shoot. I even took maybe one or two shots of the actual game, but those were just obligatory shots anyway. 🙂

From hairdos to tattoos, there were food items and facial expressions, young and old alike to photograph. I just enjoyed taking pictures of anything/everything that caught my eye from the vantage point we had. Why, I even saw a few other guys with cameras there as well; but I believe they were being paid to take pictures. 🙂

The rest of the pictures can be viewed by clicking HERE. Perhaps some photos might cause you to wonder why would I take a picture of ‘that’? But hey…that is just the fun I have with a lens. No explanation is necessary. I just took the picture because it interested me, be it the color, the composition, the subject matter, etc.

(side note: the painted toe nails in the collection you’ll see belonged to a fan sitting right in front of us, Not Kathy or Minda – – -just for the record. Also, you’ll see a shot of the new Dallas Cowboy stadium that is under construction and where the 2012 Super Bowl will be held.)