My Afternoon With the Birds

Ok….I’ll confess- I never could quite figure out people who hide in bushes with binoculars and look for different birds. “Bird-watchers” is what they are commonly known as. And while I’m not ready to join their club, I have to admit, taking pictures of hummingbirds off my back deck proved to be not only challenging, but quite entertaining and interesting to me.

These tiny creatures seemingly were on an extended ‘vacation’ from our neck of the woods until a local Parisian, Clara Cain, contacted me about doing some pictures for a family reunion she was having. Somehow, the conversation turned to hummingbirds (don’t ask me how that happened) and she suggested changing the mixture of the solution I used for my feeders. Who was I to argue as I know very little about hummingbirds, other than they are pretty cool to watch. Next thing you know we have more hummingbirds than we’ve ever seen around here.

Oh…I did the family shoot for Clara who was celebrating her 60th wedding anniversary. She even gave me a copy of a magazine called Birds and Blooms that she was featured in back in November 2006. (Apparently she is quite the expert on these birds.)

Anyway, I spent a good part of this afternoon snapping away to get these shots. Click here if you are interested in seeing the results.