Texas Tea

It’s Tuesday afternoon in Paris (Tx) and I am enjoying the benefits of being a school teacher with an extended ‘weekend’ that lasts the whole summer long. I got all my chores done early today…which come to think of it, was a rather short list, if non-existent. Oh well…what I didn’tget done today, there is always tomorrow. 🙂

The constant wave of rain showers has hindered my outdoor activities so I just thought I’d come enjoy a cup of ice coffee at the local coffee shop today and enjoy the scenery. I was not disappointed. I figured with a slow afternoon here, I’d bring my laptop and my camera bag. And guess what I stumbled upon?– an afternoon ‘tea party’ that a lovely group of ladies were enjoying here. They were kind enough to scoot a table over they were not using for my use and insisted I have one of their purple placemats. I just felt so under-dressed for the occasion.

They even let me snap a few pictures of them in their outfits.