A Full Weekend in Texas

It’s been a good one, despite the lack of sleep. The weekend, that is.

We got Melinda home from Turkey late Friday at DFW. She wanted a night home in her bed but it was 3 in the morning before she got there with the 2+hour drive home we had to make. Sadly, she had to be awakened at 7:30AM since Kathy and I had a previous engagement in Waco. So we dropped her back off in Arlington and made our way down to an Art exhibit that featured Steve McCurry, the famed photographer who’s picture of the Afghan girl graced the cover of National Geographic a number of years ago. A friend I met on a photo web site invited me down to hear the lecture. It truly was  great visit/lecture and display of some very inspiring photography. Thanks Nathan, for the invite. 🙂

Since I was unable to catch a flight right after the exhibit to Tibet or some far off country in Asia to capture my own inspiring photos, I settled for the next best thing – The Trinity Fest in Downtown Dallas.

Some of Caralyn’s former classmates are in an ‘up-and-coming’ band that was headlining the event. I have been wanting for some time now, to try my hand with my camera in an environment that I had yet to venture into; so it made sense to stop by on the way home and and give it a whirl. Threatening skies must have scared off the potential crowds for this inaugural event, but we still got a good show by Turning Point. And I was pleased with the shots I got as well.

I’m not sure that I’ll become a ‘roadie’ or go on tour with the group any time soon, but here’s the link to some of the shots I got. It was a fun day for sure.