From Bars to Bikers

Someone once said that ‘Variety is the Spice of Life’.

I don’t know….maybe it is. But I did get a bit more variety this weekend; photography-wise, that is.

After a pretty quiet week at home, I made a run into Dallas Friday night to ‘check out the club scene’. 🙂 Well, maybe that is a bit of a stretch, but I did go see the opening performance of Turning Point’s tour that kicked off in Dallas. It was a completely different lighting scheme than from my last post here where the guys performed outdoors.

(I also made a point to bring ear plugs as well.) The guys did a good job and are headed eastward now with another group. I wish them well.

Here are some of the shots I got last night at my first indoor club gig. There were a few more challenges with these lights but they came out all right. Thankfully, the group opened the night which meant I got out earlier than anticipated. Even with a two hour drive home, I was in bed at a reasonable hour.

I wanted to get up early to go take a few pictures of the opening of the local Tour de Paris bike race that is held here annually. Interestingly, the race was probably the first significant ‘event’ I took pictures of last year after just getting my new camera gear. Sure has been a fun year enjoying my hobby.