Empty Nest? Talk about flying the coop…

Ok…so this is pretty cool. Cool enough that I just had to make a note about it here on my blog. I know the empty nest is just a fact of life for many parents. But this weekend, all three of our girls are going to be so far removed from their ‘nest’, that it has this dad shaking his head with a smile. 🙂

First of all, Melinda left last week (June 12) to make a return trip to Turkey on a ‘cultural exchange’ trip with her church. She went last summer and was asked to return this year again with the group. She raised the funds and made it over there safely. Upon her return flight home sometime next week, the group is going to spend one day in Rome, Italy.

How fun. Especially since she is going to meet her older sister, Lisa, there as well. In front of the famed Trevi Fountain.

Lisa has had a personal trip to Europe planned now for months. It’s just something she’s wanted to do for a long time and this summer worked out for her to go. She is back-packing with a couple of friends. A ‘chip off the old block’ that girl is…since I have fond memories of making such a month long trip some 29 years ago.

Somehow, it just worked out that she was going to be in Rome on the same day that Melinda’s group would be and so they have a rendezvous planned in front of this fountain at about 5 in the evening. I guess they will go grab a bit to eat and then maybe go visit an attraction not far from there to a place my mom suggested:

The museum del corso. Go figure.

So where does that leave Caralyn? Well, she’s out of school for the summer…and realizing how ‘boring’ it is to come back home for that first summer since going off to college. She did land a summer job working at the Pine Cove Camp down in Tyler and will leave in about 2 weeks to start that. But hold on. When she was down there a few days ago for orientation, she was one of 20 selected from about 200 to go help out with some shin-dig in Washington DC for a camp/retreat of a bunch of well to do folks who will be gathering up there for about 5 days. All her expenses are being paid and so she finally will get to visit the nation’s capital.

It occurred to me just this past week, that at the end of this month (which is nearing quickly) all 3 our our girls will be out of the state of Texas, with 2 being out of the country and the youngest on the other side of the country!!!

They sure aren’t little girls anymore. And I couldn’t be any happier for them. 🙂 🙂 🙂