We’re One of the Lucky/Blessed Ones…

My family, that is. We are all still alive, together, and for the most part, healthy. (not counting the usual aging issues that we all encounter at some point in time)

I’m sitting here in the airport in Las Vegas…after a week that surpassed all my expectations. After a great week in Tempe, AZ with Kathy’s family and all our kids for a wedding celebration for Kathy’s youngest sister, I later flew up to Vegas to meet my parents and two younger brothers, Steve and John.

This trip has been in the works since last summer. Not sure what you would call the reason for this occasion…maybe a ‘last hurrah-get-away’ with Mom, Dad, and their three sons…but whatever you want to call it, it was truly special.

We enjoyed a few days together, just us five…playing golf, eating out, enjoying an entertaining live show, and even dropped a coin or two in the slot machines.

We stayed at the Mirage Hotel…and was reminded immediately upon arriving here in this city…that it is a world in which I am not familiar with, regarding the abundance of wealth that is poured out upon this city. Whatever your thoughts are on Vegas…it certainly is a city to behold.


I’m just thankful for this past week and weekend we had. I wanted to say thanks to my brothers and my folks….for being a part of this. I love you mom and dad…and thank you for raising us the way you did. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. And thanks so much to our wives, Kathy, Mary Alice, and Suzanne for supporting us in this experience. I was reminded once again, when it’s all said and done…and at the end of the day, and when the sun finally sets…

Family…really does matter. 🙂