The Ski Trip Endeth

Last day of 2006–New Year’s Eve. We loaded up the vehicles this morning and drove about 15 miles to another mountain, Keystone. It was just beautiful again today with bright sunshine. I’m just going to include a few shots that Steve took with his camera here and then sign off for this trip. Kathy and I turned in our skis this evening but am going to let the girls ski one more day tomorrow. That will give us time to get packed and set to leave sometime tomorrow afternoon.

My body is sore. I feel every bit of my almost 47 years in age. But it really has been a pleasurable trip and one we’ll never forget. We are certainly grateful to my brother who invited us to join his family and put us up in this beautiful home they rented for the week. We have been keeping up with all the weather related horror stories in SE Colorado and hope that the roads will be clear for our return trip home. We’ll drop Lisa off in Colorado Springs tomorrow evening and maybe drive on a bit or just wait and leave from there early Tuesday morning. Happy New Year ! ! !