Minda Lou- You DID IT! Congratulations !

You actually made it through your college career and will be graduating with a degree this Friday night. (Dec 15)

What a journey it has been for you. We are so proud of you in all that you have accomplished thus far in your young and promising life.

I’m still uncertain as to how/why we ever ended up calling you “Minda Lou” since your middle name is ‘Ann’ (isn’t it??) 😉

There are so many things I could write here, but will limit it. Just make a note in your book please that neither of your sisters have had a blog ‘dedicated’ to them on my web site yet. 😉 (ooops….well…maybe my Empty Nest blog did mention Caralyn) Oh well…

Your uniqueness, your vibrancy, your passion for the Lord, life, and other people has been such a notable inspiration to us and so many other people.

There are just so many wonderful memories…you have chiseled into our hearts and minds. So many funny antidotes that have demonstrated your wonderful sense of humor will continue to make us smile and laugh, and of course, REPEAT every time we have family get-togethers in the future, so be forewarned.

Of course, one of my all time favorites has to be the incident when I was taking you ( 3 1/2 at the time) and Lisa ( who was 5 ) to the airport to pick up a friend shortly after Caralyn was born. It was a chilly November morning and you had decided to bring along your sweater for the ride. With both you and Lisa in the front seat with me as we drove to Austin, I had noticed you drape your sweater over your legs to keep them warm. Lisa, sitting on the other side of you, apparently was regretting not having brought something herself to keep warm and asked you to share the sweater with her.

And it became obvious to me that you were in no mood for sharing as Lisa piped up: “Dad…Minda isn’t thinking about me!”

Only paying half a mind to what had been transpiring between you two, my attention was peaked when I noticed you lean forward in the seat, and with your little hands balled up into fist as you rested your chin on them, you started making this noise:

“Hmmmmm……Hmmmmmmm….Hmmmmmmm” Such a serious look grew across your little face.

I looked down and asked: “Minda…what in the world are you doing?”

To which came the classic reply: “I’m thinking about Lisa!” 🙂 🙂 🙂

Thank you Minda…for being You. There has never ever been any doubt how special you are and how God has tremendous plans for you life.

We love you….