Living The Good Life

For my family and I, vacation trips like the one we are on now don’t come around very often; so when my brother Steve invited us a few months ago to join them this week up at Breckenridge, CO for a week of skiing, we decided that our family would ‘do Christmas’ in the mountains.

And after our first day on the slopes today, I think it is unanimous that we made the right choice.

The drive up here , while smooth, was a bit grueling. The four of us packed the Jeep to the hilt and left out around 6PM Tuesday night. I was up for an all-nighter on the road with plenty of coffee and sunflower seeds. I did take a one hour break from the wheel and snoozed some around 4 in the morning. I just had no idea how uncomfortable the back seat of that Jeep was.

We pulled in to Colorado Springs around 8AM local time to pick up Lisa and had to do some ‘creative packing’ to get her and her luggage into an already stuffed vehicle. But we persevered and, and after a short visit with Lisa in her new apartment, we moved on and were quite relieved to finally pull into the very scenic town of Breckenridge around 2 in the afternoon.

Let me just say, that the ‘small cottage’ we are residing in this week…is …a…satisfactory. I say that tongue and cheek and even the picture I included does no justice to this majestic home we are privileged to stay in all this week; heated floors and all. I think I could get use to this lifestyle. *smile*

I write this update after our first day on the slopes. We just got out of the hot tub that was quite pleasant despite the steady snowfall. Unbelievable –as I have never enjoyed this particular luxury. Especially in this climate. I also experienced another ‘first’ as I quickly discovered that at this altitude, my breathing has been labored. In fact, last night, after the long day, being up for 36 hours, then arriving and having to unpack the Jeep, I labored all evening try to breath. I seriously was going to inquire if there really was such thing as Oxygen Bars here in town and go visit one.

But, the full night of sleep (went to bed at 7:30) and getting out on the slopes today proved to be the cure all. And prayers were answered as we all made it back to the ‘cottage’ after a full day of skiing in one piece. No broken bones or anything. Thank the Lord.

Seems that weather reports are suggesting heavy snows tonight, and there was a steady snowfall all day long which made the slopes great for skiing. But who knows what the rest of the week holds. We’ll try and make the best of it and enjoy this great opportunity.