Shakespeare In The Classroom

If Shakespeare taught Jr high students…how would he have dealt with this issue? 6th graders…who seem to always have the urge to go to the restroom in your class. And while I understand the nature of bodily functions, there is a phenomena that bewilders me. It is when one student asks to go to the restroom which in turn, triggers a deluge of weak bladders within a 30 foot radius.

Then one student after another feels the urge to raise their hand and request a pass to go. I find this to be frustrating; as I do not want to be an Ogre and cause a child to be publicly humiliated should they not be able to control certain urges. But sooner or later, a line has to be drawn, a rule established, guidelines set in place, and then reinforced.

I think I may have come up with a solution that even dear old William would be proud of. Which leads me to share a recent sign that was posted outside my classroom door. So far, the kids seem rather intrigued with the sign; some having no clue what it means. Ah…teaching….

or NOT
Decide NOW
U Come N2
My Classroom !