School Pictures


School Pictures 2017 . **Update**

School Photo sessions are in full swing for TonyCorsoImages.

Prairiland ISD
I finished up all the sessions for Prairiland ISD (minus retake day which has not yet been set).  Proofing envelopes for print orders went home to Blossom, Deport, and Prairiland JRH students last week and I will be collecting those this week.  I still take late orders as I set no deadline but the sooner you get those turned in, the sooner you get your prints back.

The proofing envelopes will be dropped off at Prairiland High School today for 9th-11th grade students.

I will be doing the Prairiland Seniors cap/gown shots next Tuesday, 10/17 at the school there all day long.  Caps/gowns will be on hand along with a white shirt for the guys and a black tie.

Chisum ISD

I will begin taking school photos at Chisum Middle School next Wednesday the 18th followed by the 9th-11th grade at Chisum HS on Thursday.  Elementary school pics for Chisum will be taken on Tuesday, the 24th of this month.  We should have a date set this week to announce cap/gown shots for Chisum seniors so stay tuned.

North Lamar Seniors

I’m happy to announce that NL asked me to do their senior ‘yearbook casual’ portraits this year. I am already halfway finished with those and will complete shooting tomorrow and Thursday (11th & 12th).  The first round of proofs and ordering info went out yesterday to those seniors who had their pictures taken last Tuesday.

For Chisum and Prairiland students/families, you will notice a different ordering envelope that I’m using this year.  Hopefully it’s easy to understand the pricing on print selections.  It’s the same as last year but just using a ‘new and improved’ ordering system.

Like last year, there is one basic print package offered with a variety of sizes for $20.00.  The modified change up gives you the opportunity to purchase prints by the page/unit where One Page = one 8×10  OR two 5×7’s  OR four 4×5’s OR 8 wallets.   The more sheets you purchase, the lower the price per sheet drops.

As always, you can make your payment online through my web site.  Just be sure to return the order envelope to the school indicating that is what you are doing.  You’ll find on the payment form online a request for a proof/image number.  Just put your child’s name there and that will let me know who the payment is for. Might be a good idea to include the school you are ordering for as well.  Chisum or Prairiland. Just look for the ‘payments’ tab on my web site to process your payment.

For any questions, contact me at my email:


Print Ordering Options

Basic Pkg _____   $20.00 – includes: (1) 5×7 (2) 4×6’s (4) wallets

AND/Or   Order By Page

One page = (1) 8×10 or (2) 5×7’s or (4) 4×6’s or (8) wallets

[1-2 pages] @ $15.00 Each     [3-4 pages] @ $12.00 each
and   [5+ pages]@   $10.00 each


Your Selection:
8 x 10 ______ Page of 5×7’s ______ Page of 4×6’s ______ (8) Wallets____

TOTAL $______________