School Pictures

School Pictures 2016

It’s that time again for your annual school pictures.  I’m excited to announce I will be adding a school to my schedule and doing all the photos for Chisum ISD this year.  My goal is to offer the same affordable professional quality service to the Mustang Community that I have for Prairiland ISD for years.

When you receive your order form and proof this year, you will notice a slight change in the print packages.

There will be only one basic print package offered with a variety of sizes for $20.00.  The modified change up gives you the opportunity to purchase prints by the page/unit where One Page = one 8×10  OR two 5×7’s  OR four 4×6’s OR 8 wallets. A copy of the form is listed below here.  The more sheets you purchase, the lower the price per sheet drops.

As always, you can make your payment online through my web site.  Just be sure to return the order envelope to the school indicating that is what you are doing.  You’ll find on the payment form online a request for a proof/image number.  Just put your child’s name there and that will let me know who the payment is for. Might be a good idea to include the school you are ordering for as well.  Chisum or Prairiland. Just look for the ‘payments’ tab on my web site to process your payment.

For any questions, contact me at my email:


Print Ordering Options

Basic Pkg _____   $20.00 – includes: (1) 5×7 (2) 4×6’s (4) wallets

AND/Or   Order By Page

One page = (1) 8×10 or (2) 5×7’s or (4) 4×6’s or (8) wallets

[1-2 pages] @ $15.00 Each     [3-4 pages] @ $12.00 each
and   [5+ pages]@   $10.00 each


Your Selection:
8 x 10 ______ Page of 5×7’s ______ Page of 4×6’s ______ (8) Wallets____

TOTAL $______________