Her Name is Lisa

Her Name is Lisa Adriana.

She’s my firstborn, the oldest of three daughters.

A man could not be more blessed or proud to have the three most beautiful girls in the world.

And Lisa got married this past weekend.

It was an emotional journey with a story-book ending.

We could not be more happy for her and Paul, her newly married husband.

Over the years, I have performed countless weddings as a minister. In recent years, I have shot multiple weddings as a photographer.

But this was a first-time experience in these unchartered waters for me, for sure.

We all gathered in San Diego this past week for the big event. Securing a public spot on Moonlight Beach there in Encinitas, on Friday evening, June 17, I walked my oldest daughter down a grassy aisle. There has never been a more radiant bride. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen a waiting groom more enamored with his soon-to-be-wife.

I did pretty good, I thought, in not losing control of myself completely as Lisa took my arm and we made…the walk.

I was misty eyed, which was to be expected. A setting sun darted in and out of passing clouds. A mix of sea gulls and pelicans flew overhead. There were skateboarders skirting by in the background. The waves of the Pacific Ocean rolled in to the delight of distant beach goers and surfers. But this moment in time was special. I will never forget it.

Minda and Caralyn stood in their places watching us make our approach to the front. When the music faded, I heard the familiar line from CJ, the minister performing the wedding ask: “Who Gives this Bride?”

With tears in my eyes, I turned back over my shoulder to look at Kathy whose eyes were also filled with tears of joy, who then nodded in agreement. When I turned back to CJ, I was just not sure that I could get the words out for the reservoir of emotions that were bottled up in me. But I did. Fighting a deep sob within, I mustered up in a breaking voice: “Her Mom and I do”.

Then I handed her over to Paul.

And the two became One.

I got my father/daughter dance with her that night. 🙂

I was reminded again why occasions like this are that much more special when you have family and friends rejoicing in the occasion with you.

And we are back home now.

It will take some getting use to seeing her post on Facebook under a different name now.

I’m still weepy. But Happy. And she is with a good man who ADORES her beyond belief.

I could not ask for more.

It was a great Father’s Day gift…and weekend.

Thank You Lord.

I was a little tied up with the wedding, but at the request of Kathy and Lisa, I left the picture taking of the ceremony to others. But I do have a collection of shots here in the gallery that will give you a glimpse into some of the wonderful memories we all shared. 🙂


Just click on this photo on the left of Lisa and I dancing to see the gallery.